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Latest World Survival News




News From Every Nation
  Get the latest news from any country in the world. This news is updated continuously. Select the country you wish to check the news in from the list at this link. Countries are categorized by continent or geographic area.

World News
  The latest world news.

UN News
Latest headlines from the UN.

US Local Weather
  The latest weather for the US. Enter you zip code for local forecast, weather radar and current conditions.

Earthquake Map & News
  The latest Earthquake map and color coded Earthquake list. The Earthquake list links each quake to the USGS earthquake information including any Tsunami warnings. Includes the latest Earthquake news from around the world.

Flooding News
  The latest flood news.

Hurricanes and Tropical Cyclone Forecasts
  The latest forecasts, satellite images and information for Hurricanes, Tropical Storms and Typhoons from around the world. Information here covers all the worlds coastlines and oceans.

Tropical Storm News
  The latest Tropical Storm news.

World Satellite Images
  Satellite images of the globe from numerous sources.

Tornado and Severe Storm News
  The Latest Tornado and Severe Storm News.

Large Fire News
  News about large fires from around the world.

Volcano Alerts
  Volcano information from around the world.

Wind Damage News
  The latest news on high winds and the aftermath.

Power Outages
   The latest on power outages and their causes as well as expected recovery.

Drought News
  The latest drought information for the US. Includes forecast maps, current drought maps and drought news.

Pandemic News and Information
  The latest on any emerging Pandemic threats and government responses from around the globe.

  Rioting has flared up world wide due to many desperate situations. The latest news and information.

Famine News
  The latest reports on world famine.

War, Fresh Fighting
  The latest information on hot spots around the world.

Dangerous Situations
  Dangerous situations developing world wide.

Travel Warnings
The Latest travel warning news. Know what is happening before it happens to you.

Explosion Disasters
  Explosion disaster news, covers the globe.

Water Crisis
  There is an expanding water crisis world wide. The latest news for the water crisis.

World Energy Situation
  Are we at the peak of energy production? The latest energy related news and information available.

Nuclear Incidents
  The latest Nuclear incidents and information about nuclear issues from around the world.

Financial Warnings
  Information and warnings from around the world.

US Gasoline Price Map
  Latest gas prices from around the US.

Latest Disaster Alerts
  Disaster alerts from around the world.


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