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Do You Need A Good Nights Sleep?

Reduce Stress   Have More Energy!

Block Unwanted Noise and Sounds, Home and Travel
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This little device will block unwanted noises and sounds with the relaxing sound of rushing air.
Nearly 400 Happy Customer Reviews!

A customer says,

I've had trouble sleeping because of background noise for years. I finally bought this because I live in a duplex and my neighbors are loud and erratic in behavior, arguing and moving furniture around at 3:00 am. I was afraid to even try to sleep at home after several days with little sleep and my roommate made me buy this because I was ready to move out.
This product is great. It makes a very fan-like sound, but with no mechanical or cycling sounds, or rattling. This is just a constant whoosh. It has two speeds and you can change the sound of the whoosh by changing the position of the vent holes on the device. It has a switch right on the side of it, not on the cord so it's easy to use. It's even padded on the bottom to make sure it doesn't vibrate.
I used the low setting last night and slept through the night for the first time in the month since the crazy animals downstairs moved in.
I've been relying on ceiling fans and box fans for background noise for years, this is much better. It's a fuller sound, it covers more, and it doesn't make me cold.
As many others have said in previous reviews, this is unlike those pre-recorded white noise sounds. This cannot repeat, because it's actually making the sound as you hear it.
I travel for a living and stay in a lot of hotels. I look forward to taking this thing with me and blocking out the sounds of neighbor's TV's and talking and vehicles, etc. . . It's very small and lightweight, and seems durable.
I don't know why I didn't buy this sooner. Shooting my neighbors is the only thing that would help me sleep better, but this is legal so perhaps a better choice.

A Mother Says,

This thing is great. Don't buy the lesser cost versions of "white noise" machines - as I have gone through several digital ones that simply break, or go awry after a few months. I own 3 of these. This is the best thing you can buy for a baby's room. The constant noise soothes them, and also eliminates the tiny house noises that can wake up the little ones (footsteps in the hall, tv in the other room). This thing, while expensive, works...and works well.

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