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What Is Wind Chill?

Wind chill is the effect of the wind combined with cold temperatures to make the outside temperature feel much colder than it is. Wind does not actually reduce the temperature, so water still freezes as 32 F or 0 C. just as it always does. The temperature stays the same, but because you have a normal body temperature of 98.5 F. when you are exposed to the wind, your body loses it's heat much faster. The effect for you is that it feels much colder outside. It not only feels colder but because of heat loss, your body actually behaves or reacts as if it really were colder. The wind chill chart below helps us see what the temperature feels like in windy conditions. We then must dress and make planning decisions based on the wind chill temperature when going outdoors in cold weather.

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Noaa Wind Chill Chart

The Wind Chill Chart is courtesy of NOAA and the National Weather Service.
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