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Reasons For Readiness
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  Are you over reacting because you want to be prepared for a crisis or disaster? Some may think so. Why not take the time to examine some valid reasons for thinking ahead and being ready for a crisis. What preparation means and what to avoid.



What To Avoid

  • Anxiety/ Worry

  • Tunnel Vision

  • Depression

  Remember the reasons to be prepared and alert involve your happiness and peace of mind.
If you are feeling anxious, worrying, suffering paranoia or get depressed these feelings are counter productive to your reasons for preparation.

  Concentrating on negative things in life without seeing the positive can cause one to be uneasy. There are plenty of good things, fresh air, sunshine, life and the future can all be positive. Rather than living as if in a constant state of crisis, enjoy life and use it wisely. Sudden changes may bring challenges but they also bring possibilities. Look for positive opportunities and alternatives. Your steps to have useful skills should provide some peace of mind. Attitude with positive thinking and problem solving can make almost any crisis better. Don't allow tunnel vision or microscopic examination of problems ruin your happiness, or cause you to fail to see positive possibilities or alternatives, after all worrying has never made a problem better, only worse.



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