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Fire Danger, Limiting the Risk
7/19/07 Ready for
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  Fire Activity sometimes seems to explode from nowhere. How does this happen and why do wild fires seem to flare up without warning? Can you limit the danger?  These flare ups are caused by extremely dry conditions and wind and rapid rates of spread at lower elevations due to abundant sources of dry grass and timber. When conditions are dry a lightning bolt, a hot muffler, cigarette or just a spark can start a devastating fire. With the addition of Wind any small fire can quickly burn out of control taking with it homes and other property. Even in our own homes, low humidity levels greatly increase the fire danger. Many fires are started in nature by dry lightning strikes, but others have man made causes.

Some of the many man made causes of fire are,

  • Arson

  • Cigarettes (In Bed, Thrown down or out of a car window)

  • Cooking

  • Recreational Vehicles

  • Pulling off the road into deep grass.

  • Playing with matches

  • Gasoline or other flammables.

  • Burning Trash or Brush.

  • Fireworks

  • What can you do to limit the danger?


  • Keep Tall grass and Brush well away from your home. A raging fire needs plenty of fuel, don't supply it!

  • Use Smoke Detectors with GOOD BATTERIES

  • Keep a Fire Extinguisher

  • Replace Faulty Appliances and be careful with extension cords.

  • Have a plan of escape from your home and review it often so that it will be remembered during any possible fire.

  • The Kitchen is where most cooking is done. Forgotten pots and other cooking appliances start many house fires.

    If you own a fire place remember, when you are using it, your actually starting a fire in your home. Logs can roll out while burning, sparks and hot coals can shoot out of the fire, heat from the fire can ignite near by objects. Educate yourself and use safe practices and keep a fire extinguisher available.

    Other sources are

  • Cloths Dryers and Dryer vents. (Inspect vents and dryer for any buildup of lint inside and out.)

  • Heating Furnaces and Appliances, Have them inspected at least once a year.

  • Space Heaters. Space heaters are placed to close to furniture, clothing, beds and other flammable items causing many fires and deaths.

  • Be alert to what is happening in your area if you are suffering from a drought, think about danger areas in and around your home. Be prepared to evacuate if the need should arise.






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