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Latest News from Zambia - Updated Continually
Courtesy of Google News Updated: Mon, 22 Dec 2014 03:25:49 GMT Explain GMT

Voice of America

Zambia Ruling Party Reconcile Leaders Ahead of Election
Voice of America
Zambia's information minister says the ruling Patriotic Front has a much better chance of winning next month's presidential by-election now that acting President Guy Scott has publicly reconciled with the party's presidential candidate, Edgar Lungu ...
Zambia's Lungu chosen as presidential candidateEyewitness News
Zambia's ruling party mends rift to make Lungu its presidential candidateReuters
Edgar Lungu urged to take stock of people surrounding himLusaka Times
Mail & Guardian Africa -Zambia Reports -Zambia Daily Mail
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Voice of America

Zambia Preparing for Presidential By-election
Voice of America
The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) is to begin printing ballot papers for next month's presidential by-election, says Priscilla Isaac, director of elections at the electoral body. She says nine presidential candidates have filed nomination papers ...

Zambia Daily Mail

Zambian Officials Call for Acting President's Ouster, Sharpening Power Struggle
New York Times
LONDON - In a deepening crisis that has raised questions about his country's political future, Guy Scott, the acting president of Zambia and Africa's only white leader, is fighting a revolt within his cabinet before elections next month. Mr. Scott ...
Guy Scott Runs to Court to Remain PF
Kapata Warms Scott - "Your Days Are Numbered"Zambia Reports
Scott is a danger to Zambia's democracy – ChangalaUKZAMBIANS
Zambia Daily Mail -Lusaka Times
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Opinion: I Stand For Zambia and Its People
Zambia Reports
The upcoming elections on 20th January 2015 are going to be like no other election that Zambia has had. The course of Zambia's history is bound to open a chapter which most people are praying will be one that is smooth and peaceful. There has been a ...

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Zambia Reports

Guy Scott Makes Awkward Appearance at Lungu Rally
Zambia Reports
The Patriotic Front held their first rally after successfully filing their nomination angling their arsenals at United Party for National Development Hakainde Hichilema showing where the real challenge may lie on January, 20. And acting President Guy ...

Zambia Mining Royalty Increase to Cost 12000 Jobs, Chamber Says
A new Zambian tax system that prompted Barrick Gold Corp. (ABX) to halt operations at its Lumwana mine may lead to 12,000 job losses in the industry next year, the country's mines chamber said. The system that takes effect on Jan. 1 may also push ...

Zambia Daily Mail

Zambia making strides in children's rights
Zambia Daily Mail
ZAMBIA has signed two declarations regarding children's rights, The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and the African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child (The Children's Charter). The Convention on the Rights of ...

Financial Times

Zambia will need more help, says IMF
Financial Times
The IMF said in statement after a team ended a two-week visit to the country: "Zambia's growth potential remains high but the medium-term outlook is clouded by domestic and external risks. In the mission's view - based on the current international and ...
'Zambia's growth potential high'Zambia Daily Mail

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Zambia trebles mining royalty tax to 20% - mines start closing
As the Government in Zambia is discovering after overplaying its hand by trebling its royalty tax on open pit mining. Poor timing is partly to blame. But the reality is capital flows to where it is best rewarded. And for Barrick Gold the tax has tipped ...
UPDATE 1-Zambia royalty hike to force mine closures - chamberReuters
Barrick Gold Corp to suspend Lumwana mine in Zambia amid huge royalty hikeFinancial Post
Zambia to make 30% loss due to bad 2015 Budget-Chamber of MinesLusaka Times
Ventures Africa -Wall Street Journal
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Zambia Daily Mail

Chikwanda leads Zambian delagation at TAZARA meeting as Tanzania wants ...
Lusaka Times
MINISTER of Finance Alexander Chikwanda is leading a Zambian delegation at the 61st TAZARA council of ministers meeting in Dar es Salaam. And the Tanzania Parliamentary Committee on Infrastructure has asked its government to review the law ...
Tazara to get $25m injectionZambia Daily Mail

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