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Survival Information: Why prepare with survival gear.

   A Crisis simply defined is a turning point that involves danger and consequences. Every person on this planet is involved in crisis at one time or another. Preparation simply put is effort to alter the possible outcome of any crises for the good. Preparation may save your life, the life of a family member or friend in some circumstances or it may simply make things a lot more bearable in a time of need. Preparation generally lends itself to turning any out come toward the good at least partially if not greatly, while a lack of preparation almost always lends itself to even greater disaster and consequences when more problems are the last thing you need or could even cost your life.

Is Readiness with survival gear a overreaction?

  A common theme for those who reject or discourage others from preparing for a crisis or disaster seems to be, "I can't live my life in fear". Have you ever heard or spoke those words? If so consider the following.

   Do such individuals have auto, home, life or health insurance? If so why? Are they living in fear that they might have a car crash, home disaster or health crisis? Hopefully not, but these are prudent steps. We hope we won't need that insurance policy this year or at any time but never the less we are happy to have it if it's needed. Do they save money in a savings account in case they meet a financial crisis? Do banks have savings accounts for those living in fear? Are they living in fear while saving or instead does it give peace of mind? These are considered proper steps to protect ourselves from a possible crisis, in fact if you refused to take such measures others would wonder why you choose to increase your risk. Truthfully, recognizing a potential threat and making preparation has nothing to do with fear or overreaction. Preparation has everything to do with common sense and proper interpretation of human experience. A lack of preparing or using the fear argument is to ignore the lessons of human history and the dictates of common sense.

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