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  Disaster, Civil Defense Alert Siren Sounds & Meaning

There are 3 basic alerts used in the United States when sounding the outdoor warning sirens.

1 Alert

The "Alert" signal is a constant siren sound, it is generally sounded for 3 minutes. It may be sounded more than once. The Alert signal is used often to warn of impending danger from a Tornado or other dangerous event, for example a tsunami in costal areas. Anytime you here the alert signal you should find out what is going on. Sometimes the Sirens are tested during certain times of the year on bright sunny days. If the sky is dark and stormy, this may signal a approaching Tornado.

Click Here To Listen To The Alert Siren

Another Alert Siren

2 Attack

The Attack signal means that there is an impending attack against the nation. The Attack Signal is what many might call air raid sires. While the siren may signal a air raid it may also signal any other type of dangerous attack.

Click Here To Listen To The Attack Signal

3. Hi-Lo (Used in some areas.)

In some areas the High - Low siren is a alternating pitch. This may mean there is a danger of flooding, fire or other local event that citizens need to be warned about. This Siren signal is also used in some localities as a Tornado Warning.

Click Here To Listen To The High Low Signal



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