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Common Sea Snakes
Banded Sea Snake: The Banded Sea Snake inhabits the coastal waters of Australia, southeast Asia and the Indian ocean. This snake is often found near the shore and very active at night. Sometimes is found in tidal pools (small pools of water in rocks near the seas edge). The Banded Sea Snake has very potent Neurotoxic venom. It often bites fisherman who are attempting to discard it.
Yellow Bellied Sea Snake: Inhabits the waters of the Pacific ocean from the islands of Hawaii to the coasts of Central and South America. This snake never leaves the water. It has very dangerous venom and will bite if irritated. The venom of this snake can easily cause death.

Sea Snakes

  • Many Sea Snakes belong to the Cobra family.
  • They inhabit tropical oceans.
  • All Sea snakes are venomous.


  • There are over 50 species.
  • Sea Snakes are usually not aggressive but will bite if harassed.

Hints To Avoid A Bite

  • Sea Snakes, although clumsy, become very dangerous when found on land.

  • Don't touch a Sea Snake.

  • Don't try to pick it up, catch or trap it.

  • If you encounter one, move away from it.

  • Fishermen are often bitten while trying to discard the snake, don't take chances.

  • Divers are sometimes bitten disturbing the snakes.

  • Sea Snakes are aggressive during mating season


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