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Survival Gear
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72 Hour Survival Kit
Basics for a 3 day period. Many people buy these kits rather than assembling their own. Read More...

MRE Emergency Food
Meals Ready to eat are easy to carry and prepare. They are used by military units and other groups around the world. Read More...

Emergency Food Rations
Emergency food rations are  food bars that provide and emergency food source. They are light, easy to carry, low priced and have along shelf life Click here to learn more...

Emergency Water Storage
Water is a absolute necessity for disaster survival. Proper Storage containers protect your water supply. There are several types of water storage available including portable containers or low priced 55 gal. plastic drums to truck sized containers. Read More...

Emergency Water Treatment
Water treatment can provide emergency water in the most dire circumstances even if you are caught in a disaster while away from home. There are several items and methods available. Read More...


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Latest Events Being Reported
Courtesy of RSOE EDIS - Emergency and Disaster Information
Updated: Explain GMT

Satellite Imagery of Current and Recent Events

May 8, 2009 Jesusita Fire, California


May 15, 2009 Fires Across West Siberian Plain


May 10, 2009 Fires Across West Siberian Plain

May 11, 2009 Dust Storm over Sudan and Ethiopia



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