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Restroom Emergency Toilet Maintenance

During a disaster using the restroom may become impossible. If you are connected to a city sewer system then toilet facilities may overflow due to a failure of processing facilities or blockages causing full sewer pipes. There is no way to stop a toilet from backing up under these circumstances. Avoid any direct contact with raw sewage, it is very dangerous and can carry many harmful bacteria. Use latex gloves, rubber boots and a mask to cover your face with safety glasses or a face shield to cover your eyes if you must remove the sewage from any area. Working around or in raw sewage may result in sewage splashing into your face, eyes, mouth, nose and coming into contact with cuts, scrapes or other wounds allowing bacteria to inter your body causing a biological hazard to yourself as well as a lot of misery in an already bad situation. Do not take the risk of being incapacitated by sickness. Bath well with soap and water any area of your body that comes into contact with raw sewage.

If The Sewer Backs Up - Improvise Toilet Facilities

Close off the restroom area. If need be use all necessary safety precautions to protect yourself and remove the sewage to a outside location away from the home. Temporarily designate a new part of the home for these facilities. Use a bucket or other improvised device if you must go indoors to the restroom. Plastic trash bags that do not leak (tall kitchen bags usually don't leak) can be used if available to keep the improvised facilities clean. Otherwise empty the container of any waste, outside away from the structure, each time it is used and clean. Use a cleaner or 10% bleach solution on all improvised articles to maintain a safe clean area. Remove waste to an outside location away from the living area. This may require much improvising but these makeshift facilities are absolutely necessary.

Unstopping A Clogged Toilet With A Plunger

Place the plunger at the bottom of the toilet, covering the outlet hole completely. Use a vigorous up and down motion, which requires quickly and forcefully moving the plunger handle up and down a few short inches to produce the plunging action. This should remove most clogs.


Stopping A Continuously Flowing Toilet

  To stop the toilet from flowing.

1. Remove the Tank Lid by simply lifting it off. Note: Be careful with the lid, it will break if dropped or if it hits any hard surface.
2. At the bottom of the toilet tank is a hole, this is the outlet, reach into the tank and push the rubber flapper over the hole down or if there is a ball over the hole, push it down into the hole. This will stop the tank from flowing into the toilet bowel. Sometimes flapper or ball covers for the tank outlet become stuck and simply need to be pushed down.

If this fails there may be a shut off valve on the supply line to the tank as pictured. Gently turn the valve slowly, as you would any faucet valve until the tank water supply shuts off. Be gentle with the shut off valve since many are made of plastic and can break.


How To Protect The Toilet Fixture From Freezing

If the water in the Toilet freezes, the Toilet may break. To stop this use RV Antifreeze in the Toilet bowl and tank.
Be sure to use RV antifreeze that is not poisonous. Regular Auto antifreeze is poisonous and should not be used.
1. Put some RV Antifreeze in the Toilet Bowl
2. Turn off the shutoff valve if there is one under the Toilet and then flush the Toilet emptying the tank of water.
3. Put a small amount of RV Antifreeze in the tank, if you cannot empty the tank of water make sure there is ample antifreeze in the water to stop it from freezing..

RV Antifreeze can be purchased at many department or automotive stores.
Be sure to use RV antifreeze that is not poisonous. Regular Auto antifreeze is poisonous and should not be used.


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