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Avoid Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon Monoxide is a very dangerous substance and you may come in contact with it every day! Without a Carbon Monoxide detector you may be exposed and never know it unless you can recognize the symptoms and protect yourself. Hundreds of people die every year from this odorless and colorless gas, even in their own homes. The most common sources include engine exhaust, smoke from any type of fire and space heaters that burn any type of fuel including Kerosene and Propane that are not designed for indoor use. Burning outdoor grills, stove burners and unvented natural gas or propane heaters that are designed to be vented or for outdoor use even in a emergency situation can be deadly in a unvented enclosed space.  The symptoms of Carbon Monoxide poisoning are common to many other ailments and may not be recognized until it is to late if they are recognized at all. Make no mistake about it, Carbon Monoxide is deadly!


In the presence of any open flame, engine exhaust, smoke or any heating device in a enclosed space other than a electric heater. If you experience or see in others some of the following symptoms, suspect Carbon Monoxide Poisoning!

If you are being effected   ACT!   Evacuate All Persons and Pets Immediately To Fresh Air. DO NOT WAIT. Seek help and medical attention.

If there are unconscious individuals in the structure, open windows and doors, Turn off any flames. Drag or carry the persons to safety or seek help to do so from neighbors or by standers if available, call 911, get needed help as soon as possible.


The best protection is to avoid circumstances where anyone is in a enclosed space, without ventilation, with any open flame or running engine.

Do the following

Do Not

List courtesy of CDC


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