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Economic Survival - How To Options For Managing Economic Change

Few changes can be as sudden or dramatic as a personal change in economic circumstances. Losing a job, a change in the family, a company failure or the death of your industry can bring a dramatic change in your circumstances including  your opportunities and prospects for a secure financial future. A natural reaction is panic and anxiety which can actually reduce the chances we have for a good outcome. Other common reactions include anger, betrayal and loss of identity. Rather than making rash decisions or "freezing up" and making no decisions at all. This is a great time to look at real opportunities such as changing our work to something we enjoy or simply taking a new road and perhaps escape a mental and emotional rut we might be in. What can you do to survive and prosper? This is the question  on the minds of millions of people world wide today. Yes you are not alone, but a few simple questions could start you off in the right direction. What are some options? How can you make change without wrecking your life? What next?


"Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future."
                                                                                                         - John F. Kennedy

A New Reality and A New Strategy

Your situation has changed so you need to develop a new strategy. Perhaps you have been accustomed to rising early, going to your office or other place of work and now that your job situation has changed you feel lost and anxious. What can you do now. First get a new perspective. Your life  and your employment are two different things (What?) You are what you eat, but your not who you work for. Whether you lose your job or not you are still the same professional person. You still like and dislike the same things. You have the same interests. You should have much bigger goals and interests than just getting up and going to work every day. If you can't think of any then your life is being strangled out if you and you need to get some. Many people tie their worth to their employer and employers often play to this by telling you that you are special. Often these claims are really a way to give you a perceived benefit (note a perceived benefit is a technical term in marketing) that makes you work harder but doesn't cost anything to the employer. You work extra hard because you believe you have a life long asset and you are special because you work for the company when the  reality is that who you are is what makes you special, not who you work for. How many jerks have jobs? Plenty, does this make them good people or special? No. Do you need them hanging around making your life miserable because they are employed? No. Who you are and what you do for work may be closely combined and that is good, but you are still the same person even if your employers name or career are changing. Rather than lamenting the past, when it becomes clear that it's time to move on then look for new opportunities in life.



A feeling of being lost and apprehensive is common. What can you do?

Explore your options.

 Rather than giving up or lying around drowning in self pity this is a good time to get busy making your future something new and perhaps better. Losing your job in a failing company is usually a unmistakable sign that it's time to move on. You don't really want to work for a company that is failing and can not keep you employed. It's better to just move on and find a new future rather than to despair over the past. Perhaps you made a mistake at work or office politics did you in. Do you really want to work somewhere that you face these problems every day? There are plenty of jobs where no one is going to yell, constantly complaining or trying to wreck your efforts. Why stay where there are big problems? Perhaps you feel that you should have been able to manage the situation. There may be lessons to learn but remember perhaps it was someone else who failed to manage the situation. Your job situation in your previous job is not all about you, other people are involved. The boss and your coworkers all have an affect on your job and this is sometimes out of your control. Perhaps the issue at work is a change in the companies structure and your job was cut. This might be a candidate for looking within the company for new employment or you may have been fired, what can you learn from the experience that will help you later? Rather than dwelling on the past and never moving on it is time to examine our options.

Some next steps,

You also have other options that can help your financial health. The economy relies not only on production to produce income (or valuables that you need) it also is built on spending. Spending can be cut in amazing ways to aid in relieving the possible pain of changing circumstances. First we will consider the steps you can take to lower your spending and protect yourself, afterward we will consider what these changes mean for your everyday life style.


"The only difference between a rut and a grave is their dimensions."


Change Your Spending, Prioritize Your Debts

Some tough choices may have to be made if you are over extended financially. There are some practical steps that can help if you are financially in trouble.


Resolve to be a master of change rather than a victim of change.
                                                          - Brian Tracy



"A smooth sea never made a skillful mariner."


Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.
                                                                                                  - Albert Einstein


Yes things have changed but use this opportunity to be prodded into a new future with some real possibilities.




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