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A Message From The Staff

Dear Readers,

  Hello, I am very pleased you are here. Ready For Anything Now.com is the work of myself and my family. May I introduce myself, my name is Charles Gibson, with the aid of my wife Tina and son Josh we maintain Ready For Anything Now. We have a simple goal, to inform, aid in planning, preparing, and broadening the understanding of all our guests. I believe that many people, including all of us, face difficult circumstances and disasters, although few are ever prepared for it. I hope on these pages you will be informed and inspired to consider your own potential, and how to avoid danger, no matter what circumstances at home or abroad.

  Tina, Joshua and myself spend a lot of time compiling information, doing research and writing articles as well as supplying links to vital information, supplies and gear. We would whole heartedly appreciate your help in supporting this effort.

  Thank you for your donation.


      Charles Gibson

If you would like to see information included on any subject that would fit into this site email me at charles@readyforanythingnow.com

  If you prefer donation by mail

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Charles Gibson
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